Educating Children about Money | Debts

These days there is a great deal of supply and consumption of the most varied goods. In addition to all possible offers, a whole financial system was created to monitor and facilitate the acquisition of these assets, from the proliferation of credit cards, to the financial ones or to the ease of acquiring personal credit, among others.

The big motto is “buy now and pay now … or pay later.


Such facilitation, however, may conceal a number of pitfalls, since ‘pay later’ could lead to two dangerous financial situations and to avoid:

  1. The risk of accumulating debts, through credit cards (know the solution to eliminate your credit card faster), causing, at the end of the month, your total income falls short of the debts you have contracted. That is, always lives in deficit for not being able to face the amount owed;
  2. The interest associated with this delayed payment, which further aggravate the debts that already have to settle.

Educate by example


In addition to all the risks these issues pose to the financial health of the family, we must not forget that children, these “apparently” naive little beings, absorb and imitate everything that parents do, in expectation of equaling their parents .

It is important that you lead your family by example, demonstrating that your behavior patterns are high and meet what you want to convey to your children.

Money requires effort to be earned, and this fact can be verified by your child when, for example, he sees the father or mother not only taking good care of their family and spending quality family time, but also when they have the concern to increase their professional competence, whether by study, reading or other improvement mechanisms that are within their reach.

Living with what belongs to us

Living with what belongs to us

Protect your children from the false facilitation in acquiring all the goods and a few more.

It is important to educate your child financially. You can start by talking to him using the old maxim that “money does not grow in the trees”, that acquiring money involves effort, work and competence, so it is important that you work to study well and have a job that suits your expectations and abilities .

In practical terms, you can avoid using credit cards or the habit of ‘ordering money’ from the grocery store or the bakery when you are with your children. However, if you have to do so, always explain the reasons and ensure that you will settle the debt as soon as possible.

It is not the possessions you have or give your child that define your family or that will provide happiness in full, but rather the values ​​and ways of being in life that will fortify and grow you as a human being with more character and more complete, humanly speaking.